Connemara Escape invites you to take a journey to connect your Body, Mind, Spirit through different methods of Body, Mind and Spirit work.

Our One day – Weekend and Weekly Body, Mind and Spirit healing retreats are giving you time for yourself. This special time only for you to heal, renew and reflect the whole you at the state of Body, Mind and Spirit where you own your time to rest, rejuvenate and awaken your mind to heal Body, Mind and Spirit  and inspire your soul.

Our retreats take place in a breathtaking Connemara , the less discovered and the wildest part of Ireland, where you can truly connect yourself with Mother Earth and Universe what allows you to fully contemplate and relax.

We offer you to learn yourself through; inspirational and therapy talks; Yathashakti Yoga Asana Class; Dynamic and Static Meditations; Guided Shamanic Journeys; Slavic Psycho-physical Exercise System; Personal Training and Functional Movement Fitness; Mindfulness Coaching; Law of attraction; Sound Healing;  Affirmation Work; Shamanic Rituals; Grounding Bare Feet Walks; Hiking; Kayaking; Paddle Boarding; Biking; Nutritious Food Cooking Lessons; Body and Mind detoxing protocols and many more.

We combine: Naturopathic Medicine the ‘’natural’’, ‘’non-invasive’’ and promoting ‘’self-healing ‘’ method of using Irish Herbs; Polarity Therapy; The Power of the Northern Guidance Siberian Energy healing practice; Ayurveda; Chinese Medicine; Five Elements and Qi Philosophy; Feng Shui; Slavic and Celtic Traditions of Spiritual Healing; Shamanic Rituals; The self-development techniques; Law of attraction and many more …

This special time when you focus on yourself helps to discover and develop the Real You and your path in this World.

Let us help you to find the Light in you, your inner Power to support you to create your life you want it to be . Let yourself live happy and stress-free life.

Connect to yourself in Connemara Escape