A Comprehensive Health and Fitness Business Care Programme, taking responsibility for Healthy Lifestyle with Coaching Delivery.

To Business Owners, Company Managers and Directors ; take the advantage of getting the benefits and opportunities from programme participation. The programme aims are to take care of employer’s, employees overall physical and mental health through a Personal Survey, Health Screens and Analytics, Physical, Mental and Nutritional Education with Seminars, Group and Personal Training Programmes, Nutritional Guidance and Plans, Motivation and Adherence, Team Building, Creativity and Engagement, Relaxation Techniques and Mindfulness, Personal Development Coaching, Law of attraction Seminars, Outdoor activities such as Hiking, Horse Riding, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Surfing and Kitesurfing.

A Comprehensive Health and Fitness Business Care Programme brings fitness and health expertise, health programming ideas and creative energy to the company, becoming its resource for health, exercise and mental well being.


  • Invest in both your employees health, and your company future, ensuring both are healthy, happy and balanced.
  • Get staff motivated to make changes for their long term wellness.
  • Enhance health and wellbeing of your staff creating bonds among coleagues and integrating the company through collective physical and mental goals and challenges, and lasting teambuilding.
  •  Reduce absenteeism
  • Increase creativity and concentration.
  • Increase productivity and morale.
  • Reduce health care costs and medical claims.
  • Retain and attract employees
  • Reduce anxiety

If you invest in your staff, inevitably your employees will contribute more, perform better, and excel in customer relations. Committed employees directly affect the performance of every business competing in today’s marketplace. Today’s successful business leaders know the unlimited rewards they can expect when they invest in their greatest asset – their employees. It’s no secret… offer the right health + well being  resources to your employees and your business will prosper. The bottom line is when people look and feel their best, they perform better. Productivity goes up, employee morale increases and the atmosphere within your business takes a turn for the better. Your employees will appreciate that you’re interested in their overall health and not just profits – but in reality, once their performance increases as a direct result of their enhanced vitality, your profits will increase too!

Create the personalized and comprehensive weekends or weekly Physical and Mental Health Business Care Programme for your Employees

We offer you to learn through; inspirational and therapy talks; Yathashakti Yoga Asana Class; Dynamic and Static Meditations; Guided Shamanic Journeys; Slavic Psycho-physical Exercise System; Personal Training and Functional Movement Fitness; Mindfulness Coaching; Law of attraction; Sound Healing;  Affirmation Work; Shamanic Rituals; Feng Shui; Grounding Bare Feet Walks; Hiking; Kayaking; Paddle Boarding; Biking; Kitesurfing; Surfing and Horse Riding; Nutritious Food Cooking Lessons; Body and Mind detoxing protocols presentations and many more.

We combine: Naturopathic Medicine the ‘’natural’’, ‘’non-invasive’’ and promoting ‘’self-healing ‘’ method of using Irish Herbs; Polarity Therapy; The Power of the Northern Guidance Siberian Energy healing practice; Ayurveda; Chinese Medicine; Five Elements and Qi Philosophy; Feng Shui; Slavic and Celtic Traditions of Spiritual Healing; Shamanic Rituals; The self-development techniques; Law of attraction and many more …

Contact us to schedule your preferable dates and activity programme.