Yoga, Guided Meditation & Sound Healing

Experience Yathashakti Yoga Asana, Pranayama Sadhana, Meditation and Sound Healing that focuses on practicing slow Yoga Postures, correct breathing and guided meditation with drumming, Tibetan bowls, Bells, Gong, Shruti Box, and many different sound healing tools sounds.

Yathashakti means, ,, According to or in adaptation to one’s ability or power ‘’

Take your time to learn Yoga Asanas, proper and regular breathing, relaxation techniques through guided meditation, affirmations and sound healing.

It is open to young and mature people, pregnant woman, people after injuries, elder people, simply looking to correct their skeletal and muscular system patterns, enhance hearth and breathing system, to quieten the mind, to ease and soften …

The practice of Yoga, Pranayama (breathing) and meditation increases your spine and joints strength and flexibility, boosts your immune system, makes you aware and present, clears your energy, reduces anxiety, helps you to become more mindful, regulates your body clock, teaches to know yourself …

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